Families are very welcome at the Vine and children and young people are a valued part of the Church.

Families at the Vine 

We encourage children and young people to join in with the worship times, which are contemporary, relaxed and upbeat, singing both new and traditional songs.

We often run a programme for primary school kids during the adult’s talk time, using the Hillsong Kids BiG Curriculum. However, please contact for details about any current children's programmes.


Safeguarding and wellbeing

We take the safety and well-being of children seriously. We have a dedicated Safeguarding Coordinator (and deputy) who has undertaken relevant training in safeguarding children and safer recruitment through: Kent County Council, NSPCC, and the Churches Child Protection Agency (CCPAS). Our Trustees review our safeguarding procedures annually, and our children's volunteers have undertaken the necessary DBS checks.

Inclusion Statement

"We recognise that children come from a variety of social, ethnic and economic backgrounds. We want our programme to be sensitive to these differences and not create unnecessary barriers to their full participation. The majority of children attending on a Sunday do so with a parent/carer who is a member of the church, but we recognise that sometimes children will attend with their friends and may not be familiar with church or the Christian faith. 

1. Children will not be required to do anything against their will or to participate in anything they don’t feel comfortable with. If children whose families don't identify as Christian ask questions about the faith, we will endeavour to answer these clearly with reference to what the Bible teachers, but without making them feel pressured to agree with this. 

2. We will be sensitive to new children visiting for the first time and will make every effort to make them feel welcome. 

3. When asking the children to volunteer for particular tasks, leaders will be fair and not have "favourites".

4. Our behaviour policy will be applied fairly to all children."


We ask parents/carers to complete a registration form, including medical information and parental/carer emergency contact details, for all children attending our children's events. The form is available here or on the Contact section of this site.